DNA Origami as a Vehicle for Implantable on Demand Drug Release

Lead Research Organisation: University of Strathclyde
Department Name: Biomedical Engineering


DNA Nanotechnology provides a novel method of overcoming critical hurdles to successful, targeted drug delivery. Advanced oligonucleotide self-assembly techniques enable the formation of drug carrying, and eluting vehicles; ultimately aiding the localisation of a target molecule/drug, and enhancing efficacy.
This project will seek to investigate oligonucleotide 'Origami' self-assemblies, and the incorporation of a specific, therapeutic oligonucleotide (drug) to the construct. Accompanying this will be a study into the loading of an assembled oligonucleotide structure on to a functionalised micro-electrode gold surface. Potential controlled loading, and release of the drug laden construct will also be assessed.
The project will have some emphasis on microsystems engineering since implantable release mechanisms are a strong aim in the field of drug delivery since they offer a route towards targeted and confined release profiles.
Finally, there will be significant emphasis given to drug release for cardiac conditions, particularly those involving use of a stent, particularly a drug releasing stent for therapy due to the expertise of the second supervisor.


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