Optimization of advanced packaging steel properties via alloying and process control

Lead Research Organisation: Swansea University
Department Name: School of Engineering


The main focus will be on the function of minor alloying elements (N/B, C, P) in advanced packaging steel. By proper design of the chemistry in combination of process control, we can maximise the beneficial contribution of those minor alloying elements:
P: P is added in an increased amount to produce solution hardening in the package steel. Investigations should be conducted to avoid the formation of Fe-P eutectic phase, optimise the distribution of P in matrix (avoid segregation of P to defects and grain boundaries so as to achieve best strengthening.

N/B: through optimise the process route to achieve maximum N/B in solid solution in final products. Proper control of hot rolling and final annealing (including 2 phase region annealing) in addition to alloying to adjust the strength/anisotropy/formability of the final products.

C: control the hot rolling process for optimum size/distribution of carbides/cementite, which affect the microstructure during annealing. Proper design of annealing (including 2 phase region annealing) to achieve multi-phase structure that should deliver the improved balance between strength and formability.

As extension, we could also look in to nano-phase strengthening packaging steels with Nb/V additions.

Technical approaches: thermal calculation to estimate the microstructural evolution through production routes - current available and good to have (TKS/Males cycles), with experimental validation


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