The strong-field regime of the geodynamo

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University
Department Name: Sch of Maths, Statistics and Physics


The main aim for this PhD project is to develop a better understanding of the dynamo process in planetary cores, and study the influence of key parameters such as the planet rotation rate and the convective driving. In particular we will study the strong-field regime through the use of an imposed magnetic field. After achieving this, we can remove the imposed field and see whether the dynamo process is able to operate without it, thus creating a model which produces a magnetic field in the same way as many planets. To summarize, our goals for this project are:
1. Determine the conditions in which a magnetic field yields strong enough magnetic forces to affect the dynamics of a magnetoconvective flow.
2. Produce a strong-field regime in a self-excited dynamo process after producing the same regime through magnetoconvection.
3. Extrapolate these results to planetary core conditions


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