Machine learning on GPUs and application to data science

Lead Research Organisation: Swansea University
Department Name: College of Science


When I followed a computer vision module at Swansea University, I realized that Machine Learning is a field in which I am interested.
Machine learning have shown high potential in terms of providing customized services in Healthcare [1], Financial Services [2] and etc. While machine learning can be used for the greater good, it also can be dangerous if there is not enough control on it. For instance, personal data from millions people were harvested by Cambridge Analytica [3] and used for political purposes, which presents ethical issues. At Helping Human Beings, I would like to use AI's potential in medical area such as diagnose disease which could alleviate the burden for the NHS and help RDAG (Rare Diseases Advisory Group).
One important need in rare diseases is timely diagnosis which can play a significant life changing rule in life of patients [4]. While it is relatively easy to warn someone about his/her diabetic risks for instance, other diseases may be more difficult to diagnose. Abundance of data in medical care are generated and stored either for administrative purposes or for research [5]. Therefore I can easily foresee that one could get better diagnostics by using this data and this would be of interest to millions of people if data confidentiality and privacy can be respected.

As such, I would be passionate about working on any fascinating AI techniques that can support people similarly to the case mentioned previously, without being detrimental to the people.


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Studentship Projects

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EP/R51312X/1 01/10/2018 30/09/2023
2227382 Studentship EP/R51312X/1 01/07/2019 31/12/2022 Hassan Gharib Eshkiki