Archival Hindsight - Artistic Foresight:

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University
Department Name: School of Arts and Cultures


A Reflexive Interrogation into the Fluctuating Relationship between Artist and Archive.
This research examines historical and contemporary artistic engagements with archival materials and
processes through a reflexive archival and assemblage-based arts practice that incorporates drawing, text,
sound recording and sculptural objects. The creative practice will be combined with ethnographic case
studies of unique archives in Tyneside-based institutions. By considering the fluctuating relationship
between artist and archive from the perspectives of both researcher and artist, this project will culminate
in a curated personal archive of assemblage installations and an annotated portfolio that both proposes
new forms of artistic archival engagement whilst also examining the effectiveness of a reflective,
ethnographically-informed and practice-led methodology


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