Enhanced Photonic THz transmitters through metamaterials interfaces

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Electronic and Electrical Engineering


In the last 20 years development in both photonics and electronics have increased the amount of interest in the THz range of frequency beyond space science. However, to fully be used in most application domains a number of issues remain. In particular, at the transmitter side, integrated devices lack the level of beam control and shaping that would be essential for those systems.
Within this project the student will look at one element of a photonically enabled THz system; the photomixer integrated with antenna which acts as a transmitter sub-system. Such devices, in particular the uni-travelling-carrier photodiode, have been demonstrated to have sufficient emitted power for most systems while giving access to the agility provided by photonic systems. Unfortunately, most of these devices once integrated with planar antennas have beam patterns that are not optimised for the systems they are used in, leading to inefficiencies.
The project will therefore focus on combining, for the first time in an integrated form, metamaterial structure with planar antennas UTC-PDs. This will imply work on simulations of the structures to find the optimum device for fabrication, fabrication of devices and testing. In particular we plan to investigate a key domain of application where optimising the energy within a beam pattern is key: Biomedical imaging. In that case in order to obtain the optimal resolution both in depth and in width the beam needs to be have all its energy confined in a small area. Such a development could have a large impact on systems that are now only based on standard silicon lenses and planar antennas.
The work will also involve a collaboration with National Physical Laboratory, where the student will spend some time doing beam pattern characterisation.


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