Gender and the Decision-Making Process within Business Angel Syndicates

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Cardiff Business School


This research aims to explore the decision-making processes within a group of informal investors from a gender perspective. The purpose is to answer the research question: How and why does gender influence investment decisions within a syndicate? This proposed research looks at the subject of BAs from a qualitative and inter-disciplinary perspective, combining the fields of entrepreneurship and organisational theory. It will zoom in and focus on identity (Leitch and Harrison 2016; Swail and Marlow 2018), subjectivity and categorisation (Du Rietz and Henrekson 2000) relating to gender (Calas et al. 2009; Meliou and Edwards 2016). It will analyse concepts relating to equal opportunity (Hill et al. 2006) to ascertain the barriers and opportunities for investment opportunities relating to nascent female entrepreneurs.


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