Engineering mechanical and electrical properties of novel metal-organic framework composites

Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: Engineering Science


The project concerns the physical properties of an emergent class of nanoscale porous materials, called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). We shall focus on understanding the basic mechanical characteristics of MOFs and their composite systems, using nanoindentation methods, dynamic mechanical analysis and large strain uniaxial deformation. Mechanical studies will be accompanied by electrical conductivity characterisation using DC and AC measurements and frequency sweep dielectric measurements. Aforementioned experiments will be performed in conjunction with theoretical studies, such as ab initio density functional calculations (molecular scale) and finite-element modelling (continuum scale).
Complex physico-chemical interactions and structure-property relationships will be investigated and established for representative MOF-based materials, thin films, monoliths and membrane composite systems.

MOFs are one of the most promising material because of their structural diversity, crystalline porosity, ease to produce and they can fulfil the growing demands of the microelectronics such as good chemical and thermal stability. As the size of the devices decreases into the integrated circuits, the probability of electron crossing to the other side increases that will lead to the noise. This can be reduced by using a MOF material that is an insulator and has a low dielectric properties. By doing this we can incorporate more active devices into the integrated circuit without having any cross talk and current leakage. There is only a few research going on in this direction but significant experimental and theoretical work is needed to improve it so that is can be used commercially.

This project falls within the EPSRC Engineering research area.


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