Hierarchical Structuring of Nanomaterials on Roll-to-Roll for Battery Applications

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Physics


One of the greatest challenges nanotechnology is facing today, is the lack of processes to organise nanoparticles into well-controlled structures at scale. Similar to how advanced lithography has enabled the mass production of transistors, we need to develop methods to reliably and cost effectively assemble nanomaterials at scale. If successful, such processes can potentially revolutionise how we filter water, fabricate biomedical implants, harvest and store energy, to name a few. This PhD project will follow a methodical approach to develop such a process for large area coating of battery electrodes using Roll-to-Roll. We will use a methodologic approach to optimise material morphology from the bottom-up, starting with nanoscale optimisation of nanomaterial interfaces, microscale pore structures and large scale coating. This PhD project has an interesting new angle at addressing this challenge by combining R2R processing with Microfluidics and self-assembly for the first time. The improved morphological control over the electrode architecture that will be attained by this project will allow for improved ion and electron transport in the electrode, which is of key importance to improve for instance the charging times required in electrical vehicles, which to date remain a major bottleneck for a wider adoption of electrical vehicles. Finally, the fabrication process pursued in this project is not only useful for advancing battery electrodes, but also for many other applications with high societal impact, including water filtration and catalysis.


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EP/S022953/1 01/10/2019 31/03/2028
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