The use of Digital Scanning Tools for Characterisation of Crime Scenes

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: WMG


The aim of this project is to rigorously assess the suitability of the technology for scanning complex scenes in a Forensic context to ensure the reliability of outputs and evidence produced. This extends from the investigation process through to presentation at court. Crime scenes are particularly complex with multiple sources of evidence including Blood Spatter, Footprints, DNA and fingerprints. This information all needs to be individually recorded and documented and placed in the context of the scene from where it was collected. This can be a huge challenge with the high volume of information needed to be recorded. Digital tools represent an ideal opportunity to support this process and this project will use a case study approach in partnership with the Police and Forensics Crime Scene Investigators (CSI).

This project fits with the following EPSCR research areas; Graphics and Visualisation, Sensors and Instrumentation, Vision, hearing and other sense.


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