Epithelial morphogenesis: coordinating planar polarity and tissue mechanics

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Biomedical Science


As an organism develops, tissues are shaped and patterned in a coordinated
way. The long-standing dogma of developmental biology is that secreted
proteins diffuse to form expression gradients throughout tissues thereby
providing spatial cues to direct growth, fate and pattern, drawing responses from
cells even at some distance from the source. More recently, studies have
revealed critical roles for mechanical forces in regulating tissue development,
however, the interplay between these two systems is poorly understood.
The model organism Drosophila provides an ideal system for dissecting
mechanisms of development in cell sheets, as it is highly amenable to genetic
manipulation and has easily accessible simple tissues suitable for live imaging.
Experimental approaches will be coupled with computational modelling of cell
sheets. This project will be suitable for a biology student with knowledge of cell
or developmental biology and genetics, who is keen to develop quantitative
skills. Alternatively, a physical scientist seeking to increase their biological
knowledge may be suitable. Moreover, the student will be provided with an
interdisciplinary training in laboratory skills, quantitative analysis and
computational modelling.


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