Computational fluid dynamics modelling of sprays of liquids into gases and vapours

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Engineering and Physical Sciences


This PhD project addresses the kinematic and thermal behaviour of sprays of liquids into gases, with a particular focus on the dynamics of the type of pressurisers used to control the operating pressure in pressurised water nuclear power stations. The main objective is the development of a computational model of sprays that is capable of reproducing the heat transfer and pressure response of the pressuriser to a given water spray input (total mass of injected water and droplet size distribution), or to a given heating power input. The CFD model will be based on the approach to spray modelling previously developed at the University of Manchester in which the spray is represented by solving modelled transport equations for the first four moments of the droplet size distribution function. This allows for a more computationally efficient solution than the traditional stochastic type of discrete droplet modelling. A substantial aspect of the PhD will be to validate the spray model against experimental data from academic literature and from the results of spray experiments at the University of Manchester. In the later stages, the PhD will include a placement at Rolls-Royce, where the model will be implemented on the local IT system and applied to geometries and conditions of industrial relevance.


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