Internal Solitary Waves in Ice-Covered Waters

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University


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Hartharn-Evans S (2021) Stratification effects on shoaling internal solitary waves in Journal of Fluid Mechanics

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NE/S007512/1 30/09/2019 29/09/2027
2287120 Studentship NE/S007512/1 30/09/2019 29/09/2023
Description So far, the project has identified the role of stratification in setting the dynamics of internal solitary waves (waves that travel along density interfaces within the water column) as they pass over a slope (shoaling). Shoaling and passing over topographic features is one of the key ways in which these internal waves dissipate energy and contribute to mixing.

Specifically, we found that the presence of density at the lower boundary layer, or across the upper layer can inhibit the development of certain breaking dynamics, which in turn impacts on the mixing, dissipation and transports associated with the event.
Exploitation Route Considering the roles of more realistic stratifications (and most specifically realistic variability in stratifications) will improve understanding of how internal waves behave in the real world.
Sectors Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Environment

Title Stratification effects on shoaling Internal Solitary Waves 
Description Combination of laboratory and numerical data for the "Stratification effects on shoaling Internal Solitary Waves" study. This combined numerical/laboratory study investigated the effect of stratification form on the shoaling characteristics of internal solitary waves propagating over a smooth, linear topographic slope. It was found that the form of stratification affects the breaking type associated with the shoaling wave. 
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Year Produced 2022 
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