Blockchain based application of a Central Bank's Balance Sheet (Blockchain Balance Sheet - BBS).

Lead Research Organisation: Brunel University
Department Name: Computer Science


Current research is looking at the creation of customised blockchain architecture to represent and perform functionality of a Central Bank's Balance Sheet (Blockchain Balance Sheet - BBS).
The aim of the research is to design, build and evaluate a prototype of BBS, that could be utilised as unconventional monetary policy tool for early detection (Early Warning System (EWS)), management and mitigation of future fiscal crises (fiscal QE).
Investigate and evaluate theory and practice, through existing theoretical work, in relation to the utilisation of blockchain technology for banking business, and central bank's balance sheet application for fiscal EWS and QE;
Design and build BBS prototype, that is customised for blockchain-based representation of the central bank's balance sheet to be used as a framework for modelling and simulation of:
In a blockchain compatible environment develop an analytical framework for associated data mining and analytics that could be utilised for effective fiscal EWS and QE;
Design and conduct experiments (through modelling and simulation) for theory synthesis and algorithm evaluation;
Reflect on the findings and implications for analytics concerned for the central bank's balance sheet and effectiveness of EWS and fiscal QE using BBS.
What questions does the project intend to answer?
How to develop a new design of blockchain based architecture that is customised for functionality of a central bank's balance sheet (BBS)?
How to create an effective monetary policy decisions support system, that utilises BBS-based data mining and analytics, to enable timely responses to future fiscal shocks?
What demonstrates its effectiveness?
What other utility (if any) does the new architecture of this unconventional monetary policy tool, can provide?
What demonstrates that utility?
The novel physical science/engineering methodology that will be carried out during the course of the project. What will the student be doing?
Current study utilises combination of "Positivist Approach", "Design Science Research" and "Modelling and Simulation". In order to design customised BBS and identify variables that are required for effective fiscal EWS and QE using BBS, this study applies the "heuristic search technique", outlined by Hevner, A. R. et al., 2004, where the use of heuristic to find "good" design solutions. The blockchain architecture will be coded, utilising existing blockchain practices, but tailored to the needs of the central bank's balance sheet: i.e. an artefact that is custom-made for a specific set of problems, mainly dynamic signal extraction and funds flow analytics, to identify potential future fiscal deficit on the government accounts in the central bank


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