An examination into adoption practices in Mother and Baby Homes in England, from 1945-1975.

Lead Research Organisation: King's College London
Department Name: Political Economy


I will study adoption practices in Mother and Baby Homes in
England, 1945-1975, and actions undertaken by workers and
organisations implementing them. The time parameters set
for this project are two significant events: the end of the
Second World War and the establishment of the modern
Welfare State, until 1975, when it became possible for
adopted individuals to request their birth certificate at 18
years old (Thane & Evans 2012, p.4). Moreover, just one year
later, local councils became legally responsible for adoption
procedure in England (before which, the responsibility was
also that of non-profit organisations and volunteers).
For focus, I will primarily examine Homes in London,
Birmingham, and Staffordshire. I will research each Home,
organisations who ran them (charities, local councils, health
authorities, and religious groups), and examine the actions
of the workers associated with Homes. I will conduct
interviews with former residents and workers, defined as
'core participants'. My research and interviews will provide
quantitative and qualitative data on adoption practice during
this period, which I will examine for historical, legal, and social


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