Eliminating waste in tableting processes.

Lead Research Organisation: University of Birmingham
Department Name: Chemical Engineering


The Ware manufacturing site is part of gsk's Pharmaceutical Supply Chain and is the lead site for New Product Introduction of Oral Solid Dose (OSD) products. In OSD, we have been monitoring process data as well as trending input material and output material physical properties, however, the potential uses of this database are still be fully explored and exploited. This project addresses two problem statements that will explore making use of process data to deliver industrial benefits. Due to batch to batch variability arising from uncontrollable variability in input materials, yield is lost at the start of every batch prior to tablet compression while settings are manually adjusted to ensure the tablets are made to target weight, thickness and crushing force. Two different responses will be investigated:

1.Building an empirical model that uses input material physical properties data (from existing Certificates of Analysis and raw materials release testing) and process data from preceding unit operations (granulation) to determine the settings required to achieve target weight and crushing force during tablet compression.

2. Developing a primarily mechanistic model where an "at line" test on the compression blend physical / mechanical properties can be used to predict the settings required.


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