Development of innovative additives targeting glazed ceramic surfaces

Lead Research Organisation: University of Birmingham
Department Name: Chemical Engineering


Glazed ceramic products are widely used in domestic environments. These items are predominantly located in kitchen, bathroom, and utility room where surface cleanliness is a critical need by consumers. It is therefore desirable to develop an effective strategy to coat the aforementioned ceramic surfaces, resulting in excellent repellence to dirt/soil without altering the optical properties of the surface underneath. Currently, there is no commercial product available that could effectively repel dirt and minimise soil attachment from a clean surface.

One of the most viable options is the application of a thin polymeric film that is transparent and can be implemented relatively easily in household cleaning practice. It is expected that the polymers to be developed will satisfy the following requirements:
Remain stable and active in a complex detergent matrix
Coat a glazed ceramic surface within a short period of time
Form a layer, with a controlled areal density, effectively and efficiently
Won't accumulate on the surface upon repeated applications
The layer must be robust - cannot be removed readily
The formed layer will render excellent repellence to dirt whilst being transparent
The molecules could selectively target the breaks/irregularities where dirt/stain tend to accumulate


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