Preserving cultural dances through Virtual Reality

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: WMG


This PhD will investigate the use of highly novel multisensory Virtual Reality techniques to capture complex physically activities fully in 3D and then enable a user to directly interact in that environment, potentially with other users, in a location of their own choosing. This research will enable interactive activities for individuals in real and virtual environments for applications such as sports, recovery, martial arts, dance, etc.
This work will focus around the particular case study of the physical activity of dancing. Dance is an intangible heritage that is central to many of the world's cultures. As people disperse from their home locations, knowledge of such cultural dances is lost, and the ability of people to perform these dances is under threat.
The goal is to facilitate the rapid and effective training of a new generation of cultural dancers. The PhD would be undertaken in collaboration with the Morris Federation (

Research question: How can immersion in virtual reality help a user learn a complicated multi-person activity?

To answer this question this PhD will research a number of key areas of virtual reality, including:

How multiple actors can be captured fully in 3D so that they can be viewed from all directions

How the multisensory aspects of real activities can be effectively and realistically transferred to the virtual activities

Case study for dance: How the dance can be broken up into its constituent parts so that the user can focus on one aspect while still being part of the complete dance

This project will allign with the following research areas:

Digital signal processing - we will need to process in an effective manner large numbers of points captured in 3D
Displays - the data will be displayed on advanced technology including head mounted displays and HDR displays
Graphics & visualisation - delivering the 3D data will require novel visualisation techniques
Human computer interaction - humans will interact with the visualised 3D data


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