Optimal Design of Sustainable Capsules for Targeted Delivery of Active

Lead Research Organisation: University of Birmingham
Department Name: Chemical Engineering


Tailoring the structural properties of sustainable capsules containing active materials is of critical importance to maximize stability and performance in consumer product formulations. To ensure optimal capsule design, we desire:
(i) The ability to modify the surface properties of capsules with different coating materials to boost the performance of the encapsulated active, maximizing targeted delivery.
(ii) The ability to tailor the structure of the capsules to improve stability of the encapsulated material in the finished product throughout storage, supply chain, etc.
(iii) The ability to identify and reapply new methods to optimize wall surface and composition enhancing capsule stability and performance in 'real world' consumer applications.
(iv) The ability to predict and measure the 'trigger properties' when changing capsule surface structure and properties as well as wall thickness, capsule size, etc.
The initial focus will be to tailor the structure and surface of sustainable capsules to archive superior stability and performance in consumer product formulations used in laundry machine washing processes.


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