Exploiting network motifs to enhance prediction of contagion in complex networks

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Computer Science


Network motifs are the over-representation of small induced sub-structures in a directed network, compared to what can be expected against some baseline (e.g., at random). Motifs are useful for characterising complex networks, which may be too large or dynamic to engage other types of network analysis. Network motifs have been established as a useful methodology for determining the underlying and often hidden characteristics of a network. This project will consider using motifs as a basis to predict the susceptibility of a network to different forms of contagion (e.g., both simple and complex contagion). The work will be undertaken in close collaboration with Crime and Security Institute researchers, using large-scale data sources to investigate the potential of motifs to offer advanced warning against different forms of social contagion in a variety of networks and scenarios. These will centre on, but will not be restricted to social media, and will consider the potential to address dynamic and (near-) real time scenarios. The project will involve considering a range of prediction strategies, based on supervised (and potentially other types of) learning.


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