Pupils' Experiences of and Involvement in School Curriculum Reforms

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Sch of Social Sciences


Aims and purpose of the research. Welsh Government is currently rolling out a new school
curriculum. Whilst curriculum reforms such as this have previously been researched through
the lens of curriculum studies, policy enactment, change management and school
improvement, there has been much less focus on pupils' own knowledge and experiences,
and their involvement in implementation. Such a focus is consistent with the influence of the
'new' social studies of childhood, as well as the promotion of children's rights. The proposed
project aims to further enrich the research literatures on curriculum reform through the
inclusion of children's voices.
Research questions.
1) What knowledge do primary school pupils possess about the curriculum reforms in
Wales and what is their understanding of its different aspects?
2) What changes and continuities have primary school pupils encountered in their
everyday experiences of learning in the classroom and school life in general as a result
of the reforms?
3) To what extent have primary school pupils been consulted and/or involved in the
implementation of the new curriculum in practice and what form has this taken?

The proposed study might have a specific practical applicability and contribute to a better
understanding of pupils' views/experiences regarding the upcoming A New Curriculum for
Wales (Welsh Government 2019, 2020) and their involvement in the process of its
Also, this study might show the extent of pupil preparedness to learn in the frame of this
School Curriculum (especially in certain Areas of Learning and Experience) and promote
children's voice, which must be heard in the multilayer debates around the National
Overall, it is vital to talk to pupils rather than talk about them as this empowers them to
be(come) active participants rather than passive recipients. This also provides the possibility
to do their own education rather than accept the model of education which is already done
for them.


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