Realistic and validated test environments for wave-windcurrent systems

Lead Research Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department Name: Sch of Engineering


The installation of wind turbines offshore, due to the steeper wind shear, higher wind speeds and less competition for space compared to on-land, needs to be economically viable and capable of competing with alternate technologies in the energy market. The cost of production and installation of fixed structures in deeper waters (i.e.>60 m), is not competitive. A viable solution is the use of floating substructures, floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT), attached to the seabed by mooring lines and anchors. However, the motions of a FOWT exposed to the environmental conditions at sea will be different and added aspects need to be taken into account when designing these structures. For example, the coupled effects between the turbine and the floater will influence the performance of the turbine. Aerodynamic loads will contribute for the damping of the system, the mean aerodynamic thrust loads will have an impact on the mooring loads and the mean torque on the rotor will generate heeling moments on the rotor. Additionally, gyroscopic moments for some types of floating structures may be significant, which may excite unwanted motions, for example yaw moments.


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