Design of targeted intravesical therapies for treating recurrent urinary tract infections

Lead Research Organisation: University of East Anglia
Department Name: Pharmacy


The National Institute for Health Research in 2016 reported that UTIs are among the most common types of infections within excess of 92 million people affected worldwide. UTIs are a significant cause of mortality, especially amongst the elderly population, with UTI related symptoms accounting for between 1-3% of all primary care consultations and being the main reason for 13.7% of community antibiotic prescriptions. The treatment costs of UTIs place a significant burden on the NHS. The current antibiotic treatments are mostly systemic in nature which exposes the whole body to the drug. This has contributed to the recently reported 6% of drug-resistance in UTI cases. This project will aim to develop and evaluate a new nanoparticle-based localised treatment that can directly administer into the bladder, the target organ.


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