What does gender inclusion for Menstrual Health services in humanitarian settings look like post-2030?

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Civil Engineering


Research challenge
To investigate barriers to and ways of improving MH services in humanitarian settings. Without access to appropriate MH services, menstruators may suffer a loss of dignity, GBV and a reduced quality of life, which contribute to upholding the gender gap (House, 2019). We don't know how to implement a participatory approach to menstruator-friendly WaSH facility design that doesn't exhaust/burden participants, how non-menstruators can act as a barrier to MH services and how to engage them within MH programming to mitigate these barriers and the link between gender-diversity of camp management and the level of MH service.

The project will be carried out using realist evaluations of current projects in the field based on (1) the trade-off between a rapid response and one that consults menstruators and (2) engaging non-menstruators in MH programming; literature reviews on how non-menstruators act as a barrier to MH services; the development of tools (MH service level framework, framework for assessing a project implementer's awareness of and attentiveness to MH); and data collection and analysis of the links between gender diversity of camp management and MH service level via desk review.

Recommendations for the IFRC to roll out the project in other contexts, which highlights how end-user consultation can be kept to a minimum so as to avoid 'survey fatigue', an overview of the impacts and best practises of non-menstruators' exclusion vs. inclusion in MH programming on menstruators access to MH services and evidence for the importance of gender diverse camp management so as to guide decisions around programming and management. Another will be my increased capacity as a WaSH researcher.


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