Leveraging personal drivers to enrich the digital media consumption experience

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: Nottingham University Business School


BBC R&D have proposed a framework of 14 human values or psychological drivers which shape everyday behaviour. These drivers or expressions of need vary by individual and are influenced by life stages such as transitioning to further education, starting a family or retiring.

The goal of this research is to seek ways in which the Human Values framework could be utilised:

To provide meaningful guidance to content producers and or commissioners so that they may put these psychological drivers or needs at the centre of their ideation processes,
As the basis of an alternative measure of content performance to that of frequency and duration of consumer engagement,
To help individuals better understand their own hierarchy of values and,
As a foundation for crowd sourced rating of content enabling others to seek out or receive recommendations based on what they 'need' rather than what they have previously consumed.

Looking at how the Human Values framework may be leveraged to guide content creation and rate content delivered matters because a problem of using a clicks and screen time approach as a measure of or guide to success is that this is measuring what is easy, not necessarily what is meaningful.

A more meaningful measure may be to assess how well content meets the psychological drivers of the audience, ensuring that there is something for everyone, perhaps looking to better understand themselves or explore the world, be inspired by others or make meaningful connections with them.

Further, a more meaningful recommendation may be one based on an individual's hierarchy of needs rather than more of the same based on what has been consumed before.


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