PhD in Steel by-product treatment for high-value commercial use

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: WMG


Within steel processing, a plethora of "co-products" are generated which affect the overall productivity and environmental impact of the process. This largely depends on the company, country and site specific utilization. This variability is the platform for which the scope of the project is built upon. Tata Steel port Talbot are investing heavily in strategic environmental improvements within their production site. This projects presents an opportunity to both minimise waste from the plant but also to deviate traditional revenue streams through the formation of unique or local supply chains, stabilising the sites fragility to the volatility of the international steel markets.

1. Low cost hot-metal production - by generating extra value of by-product materials the effective cost of liquid metal production is reduced.

2. Development of circular materials economy - utilizing heat and gases from the process to treat slags reduces waste emitted to the immediate un-recoverable environment. In addition, the process can be developed to investigate the usage of landfill bound material for additional loss reduction (free reagents).

3. Reduced environmental impact - Use of works gases presents a pathway to re-carburise lime for CO2 capture, create close pour networks for gas capture and entrain particulates carried within the gas streams. In addition activates around CO2 savings through the supply-chain due to usage of steel production by-products presents a pathway to inform future legislation and enhance the credentials of concentrated industrial material production for foundation industries.


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