Advances in Processing and Properties of Polymer Composites using Tailor made Resins

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: WMG


Polymers are essential for the functioning of the modern world and they derive their properties from their chemical nature, molecular architecture, inclusion of additives and the processing which they undergo to form the final product. This is true for simple polymers through to complex polymer composites.
The aim of this project is to increase the knowledge and the fundamental understanding of processing-structure-property relationships of highly filled polymer composites during conventional and advanced melt processing, with the key additional objective of understanding the role specially designed property modifiers play in these relationships.
Thorough characterisation of conventional and new formulations, together with mixing regimes and analysis of final composites will be undertaken so a, thorough training and understanding of the basics are obtained. The study of new polymer compositions obtained from different processing experiments using a range of scattering techniques will be a critical element of the work. These new polymer modifiers or "additives" have the potential to be transformational in many industries and extend the performance range of many polymers.

This project directly fits with the following EPSRC research areas; 1) manufacturing technologies, 2) materials engineering -composites and 3) polymer materials.


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