New Actinide Ligand Multiple Bonds Supported by Triamidoamine Ligands

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Chemistry


Over the past decade we have found that triamidoamine ligands are the ideal ancillaries with which to support novel actinide-ligand linkages, and in particular multiple bonds that inherently exhibit covalency, making them exemplars to probe. However, there are many targets still to be realised and this PhD studentship targets an integrated sub-set. Through synthetic innovation we will: (i) target new actinide-element double bond linkages using electronic buffers to offset destabilising charge build-up that can make such linkages unstable; (ii) target new actinide-element triple bond linkages using modified ancillary ligands; (iii) probe the covalency of existing and new actinide-ligand multiple bonds using pulsed EPR using the UK National EPSRC EPR Facility; (iv) examine existing and new actinide-ligand multiple bonds using ligand K-edge and metal M-edge XANES and RIXS techniques at national facilities to further probe the covalency of these linkages from a complementary perspective. This project thus involves organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry, and the use of advanced structural, spectroscopic, magnetic, and computational characterisation techniques. Further, the student will be trained in the safe handling of radiochemicals and highly sensitive compounds, developing novel synthetic approaches, managing a complex portfolio of characterisation methods, and transferrable skills. This project will address basic questions about the fundamental properties of actinide elements and provide a early career researcher trained in radiochemistry.
This project is directly relevant to the EPSRC chemical structure, co-ordination chemistry, chemical synthetic methodology, and magnetism/magnetic phenomena areas.


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EP/T517823/1 01/10/2020 30/09/2025
2480812 Studentship EP/T517823/1 21/09/2020 31/03/2024 Harry Futcher