Swinging Stomata: 4D capture of plant cell morphodynamics to inform on wall mechanic

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Animal and Plant Sciences


Adjoining guard cells (GCs) in the epidermis deflate to
close the stomatal pore, regulating gas flow into plants for
photosynthesis. Via BBSRC-funded work we created a finite-element
(FE) model, allowing us to test ideas on the role of cell wall in this
process (Woolfenden et al., Curr. Biol 2017). Our model was based on
the traditional view that GC movement occurs in the plane of the
epidermis. Using confocal imaging and 3D reconstruction of labelled
GCs, we have now shown that the closing motion is complex,
involving rotation around a pivot and shape change, so the GCs
actually swing down to shut the pore.


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