Beyond NGO-isation: Critically Interrogating Women Empowerment and Capacity-Building in Rural India.

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Geography


First, this research project aims to map the contours of development interventions by JG. The chief constituency is marginalised rural women who grapple with a number of capability
deprivations (Alkire and Deneulin 2009) resulting from their intersectional identities. Second, it shall critically analyse the outcomes of NGO interventions by posing pertinent questions
concerning development, empowerment and agency of these women.

From a capabilities perspective (Sen 1999), this study shall explore to what degree capacity-building can pave the way to various freedoms. Further, it shall examine whether, and if so,
what kind of feminist starting point of development interventions can aid in achieving positive outcomes towards gender equality. This study holds the potential to meaningfully contribute to studies in gender and development in India, as well as those applying Southern feminist theories to the operationalisation of the capabilities approach.


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