A superconducting magnet upgrade of the ATF2 final focus (2010)

First Author: Parker, B And Anerella, M And Escallier, J And He, P And Jain, A And Marone, A And Wanderer, P And Wu, KC And Hauviller, C And Marin, E And Tomas, R And Zimmermann, F And Bolzon, B And Jeremie, A And Kimura, N And Kubo, K And Kume, T And Kuroda, S And Okugi, T And Tauchi, T And Terunuma, N And Tomaru, T And Tsuchiya, K And Urakawa, J And Yamamoto, A And Bambade, P And Coe, P And Urner, D And Seryi, A And Spencer, C And White, G


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Parent Publication: IPAC 2010 - 1st International Particle Accelerator Conference