The Polarized Radiation Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (2013)

First Author: André, P And Baccigalupi, C And Banday, A And Barbosa, D And Barreiro, B And Bartlett, J And Bartolo, N And Battistelli, E And Battye, R And Bendo, G And Benoît, A And Bernard, JP And Bersanelli, M And Béthermin, M And Bielewicz, P And Bonaldi, A And Bouchet, FC And Boulanger, FC And Brand, J And Bucher, M And Burigana, C And Cai, ZY And Camus, P And Casas, F And Casasola, V And Castex, G And Challinor, A And Chluba, J And Chon, G And Colafrancesco, S And Comis, B And Cuttaia, F And D'Alessandr


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