Model Stellar Spectral Libraries for Analysis of the SDSS-III Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE) (2014)

First Author: {Allende-Prieto}, C. And {Koesterke}, L. And {Shetrone}, M.~D. And {Zamora}, O. And {Ruffoni}, M.~P. And {Smith}, V.~V. And {Cunha}, K.~M. And {Lawler}, J.~E. And {Pickering}, J.~C. And {Nave}, G. And {Garcia Perez}, A. And {Bizyaev}, D. And {Edvardsson}, B. And {Gustafsson}, B. And {Plez}, B. And {Castelli}, F. And {Majewski}, S.~R. And {Schiavon}, R.~P. And {Meszaros}, S. And {de Vicente}, A.


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Volume: 223