The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Dynamical Masses and Scaling Relations for a Sample of Massive Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Selected Galaxy Clusters (2013)

First Author: {Sif{\'o}n}, C. And {Menanteau}, F. And {Hasselfield}, M. And {Marriage}, T.~A. And {Hughes}, J.~P. And {Barrientos}, L.~F. And {Gonz{\'a}lez}, J. And {Infante}, L. And {Addison}, G.~E. And {Baker}, A.~J. And {Battaglia}, N. And {Bond}, J.~R. And {Crichton}, D. And {Das}, S. And {Devlin}, M.~J. And {Dunkley}, J. And {D{\"u}nner}, R. And {Gralla}, M.~B. And {Hajian}, A. And {Hilton}, M. And {Hincks}, A.~D. And {Kosowsky}, A.~B. And {Marsden}, D. And {Moodley}, K. And {Niemack}, M.~D. And {Nolta}


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Volume: 772

Parent Publication: \apj

Issue: 1201.0991