This chapter reviews the '...greatest pollution event in Earth's history...' (Lovelock): the transition of the ocean/atmosphere from a reducing environment to an oxidising one, which would have been poisonous to most extant organisms (obligate anaerobes). The potential of the FAR - DEEP sample record to elucidate this critical period in Earth's history is explored.

First Author: Melezhik, Victor A.; Prave, Anthony R.; Fallick, Anthony E.; Kump, Lee R.; Strauss, Harald; Lepland, Aivo; Hanski, Eero J.


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Type: Book Chapter

Book Title: Reading the Archive of Earth's Oxygenation: Global Events and the Fennoscandian Arctic Russia - Drilling Early Earth Project: Volume 3 (2012)

Page Reference: 1517 to 1536

ISBN: 978-3-642-29669-7