Condition Monitoring on a Cloud (CMAC)

Lead Participant: Cybula Limited


Development of an asset monitoring system using software as a service cloud computing platform capable of being used to monitor a large range of diverse assets. The technology uses Cybula's proprietary pattern matching technology to allow specialist engineers to develop and validate abnormality and event detection systems and post these to the CMAC platform alongside a client's own monitoring algorithms. The specialist engineer controls which models are used to monitor specified assets and also decides which individuals in the organisation have rights to the alerted output. Data is streamed to the platform and detection services automatically executed creating a visual output of asset performance to a range of devices.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cybula Limited, YORK £276,252 £ 147,313


Desk Top Publishing Micro Systems Limited, LEEDS £145,001 £ 14,500
University of York, United Kingdom


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