Property Propagation through Process to Product

Lead Participant: Britest Limited


Britest Ltd is developing a methodology for assessing how the properties of a complex multi-phase formulation propagate through a process into the products on a qualitative/ semi-quantitative basis. The project is a feasibility study to ascertain whether existing tools used by Britest for chemical reaction processes can be modified to gain the required understanding from complex multi-phase formulations. Robinson Brothers Ltd are providing a case study pre-industrial process of a polymer additive to allow development and testing of the methodology and any new tools that are generated in the project. Use of the new methodology and tools will also enable companies to target elements of their process that would warrant more detailed computational modelling (e.g. through the proposed National Formulation Centre).

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Britest Limited, OXFORD £44,996 £ 33,747


Robinson Brothers Limited £29,344 £ 22,008


10 25 50