Stem Cells for Safer Medicine


Stem Cells for Safer Medicines is a public/private partnership which operates as pre-competitive consortium of industrial and academic partners. The objective of the project is to develop and validate novel in vitro safety screens using pluripotent stem cell lines for early predictive screening which can be scaled up, automated and integrated into current screening technology platforms used in the pharmaceutical industry for the discovery and development of potential new medicines. The project is focussed upon the development of screens for detecting liver toxicity which represents a major cause of attrition during drug development. Effort is currently ongoing to improve the efficiency of the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to produce hepatocyte-like cells which have the characteristics to replicate the functional activity of adult human hepatocytes and demonstrate the relevant response to drugs in order to provide a reliable and predictive indication of potential toxicity in human patients.

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Stem Cells for Safer Medicines Limited, CHELTENHAM £5,722,001 £ 2,091,964


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