Digital Imaging for Condition Asset Management (DIFCAM)

Lead Participant: Omnicom Engineering Limited


The DIFCAM (Digital Imaging for Condition Asset Management) project will develop a world-class capability in the use of rapid optical techniques to monitor & assess asset condition digitally, reducing or eliminating the need for rail track access & subjective human visual inspections. Starting with an initial demonstrator of the assessment of structural integrity on bridges & tunnels, the technology platform will enable the delivery of applications for UK & international railway markets. DIFCAM engages key players representing the supply chain from research, to engineering & commercial exploitation & will accelerate the adoption of innovative high speed monitoring methods for UK & overseas rail industries, but also asset management in other sectors including highways, construction, energy (oil & gas, nuclear, renewables) defence, aerospace & water.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Omnicom Engineering Limited, YORK £263,727 £ 131,868


Ws Atkins Plc, EPSOM £202,894 £ 101,447
Npl Management Limited, TEDDINGTON £363,889 £ 181,944


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