Development of new generation handheld and backpack neutron detectors

Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: Oxford Physics


Transuranic elements like Plutonium are radioactive materials which spontaneously emit neutrons. A neutron detector is therefore a crucial tool to detect illicit trafficking of radioactive materials that could be used to make nuclear or dirty bombs. It is also an important tool for radio-protection at nuclear facilities. Currently most neutron detectors in use are based on Helium-3 gas tubes. The current shortage of Helium-3 means that the supply can no longer meet the demand.
Alternative technologies are needed in order to replace Helium-3 systems already deployed. This project aims to replace successfully Helium-3 detectors used as hand held and backpack system by a new technology based on layers of neutron sensitive material mixed with highly efficient scintillator. The technology is easily scalable and the design flexible enough to meet a wide range of detector requirements.


10 25 50
Description We have developed a new type of radiation detector
Exploitation Route Seek for another company to take this or a spin out. In 2016 the PI secured a RSE/STFC Entreprise Fellow to help with this commercialisation.
Sectors Electronics,Energy,Healthcare,Security and Diplomacy

Description to develop front-end algorithms and portable radiation device.
First Year Of Impact 2013
Sector Security and Diplomacy