High speed railway asset mapping system using enhanced 3D imaging and automated visual analytics.

Lead Participant: Guidance Marine Limited


This project aims to prove the feasibility of producing a high impact advance in surveying of the railway network through the development of a novel device capable of high speed asset monitoring and automated asset identification for the railways. It is aimed to support the work of Network Rail and their sub-contractors who require detailed asset maps of the rail infrastructure. The project builds on recently patented IP from Oxford University Mobile Robotics Group. The combination of Laser Scanning and HD camera hardware will combine with satellite navigation systems to create a 3D topometrically correct asset map of the rail network which is automatically analysed with the latest visual analytics techniques. Trial units will be developed and outputs displayed.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Guidance Marine Limited, LEICESTER £588,270 £ 352,962


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £403,943 £ 403,943
Rail Vision Europe Ltd, LOUGHBOROUGH £561,825 £ 337,095
Network Rail Infrastructure Limited, BIRMINGHAM £52,582 £ 26,291


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