Novel device to capture and reuse half a million tonnes of rubber dust created annually by commercial vehicle tyre wear for creation of a circular tyre economy

Lead Participant: The Tyre Collective


Our vision is to transform the one of the most environmentally-damaging resources used in society, vehicle tyres, into a circular economy by reusing materials that currently cause air and ocean pollution, which have a detrimental impact on human health.

In this project, The Tyre Collective will complete development of three critical components of their novel tyre rubber capture device: the cleaning mechanism, storage tank and power configuration. The Tyre Collective will also work with Atlantis Carbon Black, experts in tyre pyrolysis and Europe's leading manufacturer for turning micronized rubber powder into regranulated rubber for tyre treading. We will work together to understand the scalability, manufacturability and commercialisation for reuse of our high grade and uncontaminated powderized tyre rubber. This project completes the lifecycle: capturing tyre rubber particulate matter at tyre source, conducting materials characterisation, matching the material quality to appropriate reuse market and building scalable and route-to-market at speed.

Tyres shed half-a-million tonnes of carcinogenic, toxic carbon dust every year. Accelerating the shift to low carbon transport will increase carbon emissions from tyres as a direct consequence. EVs and ULEVs are heavier and have higher torque, causing their tyres to wear down 30% faster.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

The Tyre Collective £397,073 £ 277,951


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