Ultra-Fast Electric & Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle Charging with Integrated BMS and DC-DC Conversion – Project CELERITAS


Project CELERITAS will develop ultra-fast charging batteries for Electric and Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles to accelerate their market acceptance by addressing consumer concerns over range and charge time. CELERITAS will also develop the UK supply chain to allow UK battery electric-vehicle and mild-hybrid electric-vehicle manufacturers to achieve post-Brexit requirements of \>50% parts sourced from UK suppliers within 3 years.

A Consortium of Sprint Power Technology Ltd, AMTE Power plc, Clas-SiC Wafer Fab Limited, Eltrium Limited, UK Lubricants (BP plc) and BMW Motorsport GmbH will deliver the £10.57 million project, £5.28 million of which will be funded through the APC.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Sprint Power Technology Limited £3,318,234 £ 1,629,584


Lubricants UK Limited, MIDDLESEX £1,753,612 £ 861,199
Clas-Sic Wafer Fab Limited £446,440 £ 312,508
Eltrium Ltd £1,353,534 £ 664,721
Bmw Motorsport Limited, Farnborough
Amte Power Plc, London £2,779,272 £ 1,364,900


10 25 50