Resilient timing for electricity distributed energy resource management

Lead Participant: SYGENSYS LTD


The rapid move to decarbonize the economy, towards achieving governments Net Zero 2050 target, is leading to a revolution within the electricity grid. Large scale centralised generation, using fossil fuels, is being replaced by highly distributed generation from renewable resources including solar and wind. This increases the complexity of grid management with many more generators providing power to the grid. Electricity demand is forecast to increase as transport and heating is electrified.

This project will help Sygensys develop its innovate products and services which need a resilient timing reference to measure electricity grid performance. Our system needs to be robust, providing reliable operation when subjected to equipment failure, natural disaster, or human action such as cyber-attack.

Lead Participant

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SYGENSYS LTD £63,911 £ 44,738


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