Automated pollinator monitoring for improved Crop Health in Sub-Saharan Africa

Lead Participant: Agrisound Limited


This 3-month feasibility study will explore how to implement an automated system for pollination services management in SubSaharan Africa. In order to explore this idea we are conducting studies in three countries, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, representing different geographical and economic regions of Africa.The project will allow us to investigate and build co-operative partnerships within the target countries in order to de-risk the proposition of developing our innovative idea. Our proposition is to use the novel microphone-based pollinator monitoring device of Agrisound along with the agricultural data-management platform of Regen Farm Platform, implemented in an entirely new proposition to support pollination services in Africa. The envisaged product will help to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability by giving farmers actionable feedback on pollinator and biodiversity abundance.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Agrisound Limited £25,806 £ 18,064


Regenfarm Limited, Torquay £3,775 £ 2,642


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