DESyMED Resilience Fund Strand 2

Lead Participant: Ldt Design Limited


Our goal is to develop a new medical device capable of alleviating dry eye syndrome symptoms.

The final prototype will be a medical system for Dry Eye Treatment (certified according to the ISO13485): a smart eyewear with various technologies and a tailored mobile application. It will produce a localised and well-focused flow of moisturising substances towards the eye. The patient will feel just a gentle breeze.

The moisturising substances delivered to the eye will be synchronized with eye blinking. The eyewear will in fact incorporate micro-sensors able to measure the lepidic film thickness, eye blinking, eye stress and humidity.

All the data will be collected wirelessly via BT. A new algorithm will analyze the collected data, evaluate

personal health status and offer personalized recommendations to the patients. A mobile application will assist the

patient in all the different steps. The eyewear will be electronically driven and the treatment will be adapted on the

status of the thickness of the tear film lipid layer, the environmental condition and the patient characteristics and

subjective data ( within the maximum recommended dose by the ophthalmologic).

The treatment will improve eye's moisture and consequently will increase the thickness of the outer layer of the eye

tear film (a lipid-based layer) and will reduce lacrimation. A sanitizer unit for evening cleaning, recharging and

conservation completes the device.

Our fully functional eyewear, will relieve eye irritation in autonomous, simpler and cheaper way than the other

devices (eyeglasses microclimates, artificial tears and contact lenses) on the market today.

The collected data, from patients around the world, will be further exploited for research and continuous

improvement. Data Security and Privacy will also be in compliance with legal requirements.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ldt Design Limited, YORK £46,898 £ 46,898


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