Digital platform technology research to enable producers to achieve greater product longevity and better end of life solutions.



We've all had the experience of a busted screen, button, or connector that can't be fixed, battery life degrading without a path for replacement, or being unable to add more storage when full. Individually, this is irritating and requires us to make unnecessary and expensive purchases of new products to get around what should be easy problems to solve. Globally though, it's much worse. We create over fifty million tons of e-waste each year.

Scaling up the circular economy from front-runners to the mainstream economic players will make a decisive contribution to achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and decoupling economic growth from resource use. Twist Solutions Ltd is developing a digital platform approach to help consumers to move to more sustainable consumption, with producers taking greater responsibility for the longevity and end of life of their products.

In this project, Twist will conduct research to design a novel data prototype which holds a digital twin of each electronic sub-component of popular consumer products, including both environmental and economic impacts. Trials with early adopters will define which components most affect the extension of life, more sustainable sourcing of products, and an eco design of new circular processes.

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