Medicycle - Circular economy solution for clinical plastic waste

Lead Participant: UVAMED LTD


Medicycle is an innovative disruptive process to divert, decontaminate and deliver on for re-processing recyclable plastics currently disposed of in clinical waste streams generated by operating theatres that, due to the risk of infection, has previously been incinerated.

Medicycle is a game changing medical plastics recycling system that will pilot the introduction of a circular economy business model by diverting recyclable plastic clinical waste generated in operating theatres away from incineration. Routine use of procedure packs, single use plastics and packaging in surgery contribute 29% of all hospital waste, 40% of which is potentially recyclable. This linear economy value chain produces potentially over 68,000/tonnes of recyclable waste for incineration/pa in the NHS.

Current policy for theatre waste is to dispose of in clinical waste bags which require incineration at licensed facilities costing up to £1,000/ton.

Medicycle will improve on the current state-of-the-art in two important ways:

\* Reduce the volume of recyclable plastic incinerated to reduce emissions of GHG's, reduce the burden of new polymer from virgin materials and support a circular economy for NHS plastic waste

\* Reduce the costs to the NHS for waste incineration

Added benefits will filter through to industry supporting recycled plastics and reduce the burden on incineration capacity for clinical waste.

Medicycle diverts recyclable plastics at point of disposal, renders it safe in line with regulations to introduce into dedicated waste streams of PP, PE and PVC established recycling platforms, thereby supporting a transition to a circular economy for medical plastic waste and reducing dependence on virgin material.

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