An innovative medical device that uses neuromodulatory technology to address menstrual health symptoms and increase the productivity of women

Lead Participant: Samphire Neuroscience Ltd


Samphire is a UK medical device SME with a core project team of Emile Radyte (CEO/project lead), Alexander Cook (COO/commercial lead) and Ervinas Bernatavicius (product manager/technical lead).

A large majority of reproductive-age women experience menstruation-related symptoms and have missed work as a result, which has led to a loss of productivity through sickness, absence and underperformance by those women who go to work while feeling unwell. The annual cost of this productivity loss in the UK has been estimated at £17.4B. Current options for dealing with menstrual symptoms are limited, with a large emphasis on pharmacological solutions. This leaves women with few options to manage their symptoms.

Samphire is developing a wearable, non-invasive medical device in the form of a hairband that uses personalised neuromodulatory technology to address mood and pain-related menstrual health symptoms. The device is being built alongside women and uniquely adapted for their needs.

The SamphireNeuro Device will be a personalised, effective and innovative solution for pre-menstrual depression and menstrual pain experienced by four in five women. It will improve women's productivity, in some cases by over 23 days per year, positively impacting their wellbeing, work opportunities and equality.

The device, which is being built on trusted and valid science, contains three key innovations that make it the first solution of its kind for an unaddressed need.

Lead Participant

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Samphire Neuroscience Ltd, London £489,214 £ 342,450


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