Lean Manufacturing of 3D Printer Chassis

Lead Participant: PRINTMET LIMITED


Printmet will design and develop a new 3D printer chassis for their industrial 3D printer customer. In order to achieve the cost and quality requirements and secure the business for the UK, Printmet must utilise the latest engineering technologies and processes in order to be able to supply the chassis at a competitive price.

By using LEAN engineering techniques, utilising the latest CNC bending techniques, laser cutting, 3D printing and computerised CAD and FMEA analysis, we have the opportunity to turn around the Engineering industry in the UK and get work back from our overseas competitors and help the drive towards net zero emissions. This project will be the template for doing so.

We will focus on designing a lighter, simpler unit, eliminating manual labour and replacing it with a design that is just as robust, but can be built mainly by automated engineering processes.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

PRINTMET LIMITED £47,897 £ 47,897




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